Begging Genting

The movement of the Compact in the statehouse is another maneuver to stoke Genting because Cedric’s cash flow  has stopped.  Simple problem however.  The Compact does not matter without Land in the Trust. No land in trust no license, no casino. The application is still incomplete !  Reel Wamps and every media outlet says we have no path to LIT, unless we get an Act of Congress which ain’t happening.  The Republicans hate the President emphatically…and have paralyzed funding.  How  do you think they feel about us?  Right.  Act of Congress …..sure. We are so out of the picture most have stopped writing about us because the stories always end at the blockade…LIT.

Since Cedric has provided no service to our people for $62 million …..he continues to mislead certain members with this mythical casino ( we would not get a dime anyway  because of the debt to the investor).

He should resign.  If he were a real man he would resign.