Barnstable judge throws Cassie out of court

We said Cassie wasn’t  qualified to serve as interum ICWA Director (January 12, 2011) because just like her predessor Ronda Hughes, she is not a licsensed social worker. Much pity  for the tribal family that was forced to sit there while the state explained the whole sorry history behind the fact that Ronda was unlicensed and busted for drug possession etc etc…blah blah blah  and that Cassie had no license and on and on.  Well the Judge also heard that the tribe is in his court because the Tribal Court is not ligit cause the tribe has no land into trust  blah blah blah  and of course the state and feds still have juristiction.

Bottom line is that…Cassie was thrown out of court.  Girl from Bourne with foiled hair, niece of Aaron Tobey, the $95k a year Vice Chairman embroiled in humiliating divorce because of his audacity to think he is smarter than the Mashpee Wampanoag. Well now you know damn it . You own a tribe in name only that the Indians have abandoned.

Diane Bassett a Wannabee Indian  no more!

Diane is having  such a moment .  She is in charge. She is in charge of the Saturday soiree by the Tribal Council who peed on the People and the Selectman of Middleboro. and the original investors  Now that  the  Fall River deal has been nixed for the 5th time….Diane is bringing a ” Indian Social–Potluck” loaded with drums for hire to the tune of $10k.Diane’s obsession with power was evident in 2008 when the Tribe blessed the Middleboro land and  held the Gathering of Communities where she bum rushed the presenters because she wanted the blanket to hell with  with her mild mannered husband who is Wamp.  Well, it’s been an on going psychosis issue because  there is nothing we can do to make Diane acceptable to the group in Middleboro who complain about her her obnoxious behavior and her insistance on being in charge of these Mashpee. Well honestly…the White people don’t give a damn who’s in charge…long as they get what they want.  It’s not like we have a got King Phillip protecting our interests.And Diane is the new liason. Her son HAS THE CONTRACT FOR SECURITY…YOU KNOW THE ONE WHO ALWAYS CHECKING ID’S . Ya him and Elzy….great. And she ain’t a  member of the Glenn Marshall fan club that got us here is she?