As the sun sets

When Navajo Joe ( Mark Tilden) comes east to do business with the Mashpee, he no longer crosses the bridge.  Shovel Ready Ceddie has to get in his limo and come to Boston.  NJ wants no pictures taken of him in the” tomb,”  “echo chamber” or the so called “government center.” It’s too dangerous.  Navajo Joe has made millions off the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe and has brought us nothing but sorrow because he has protected the people who have wounded us over and over.  Now he wants to disassociate himself from these bad  people.

We need to think about where we are in this tribe and why we allowed ourselves to get here.  Outsiders who claim to be our people,and the worst of our people, team up with those who generations before exploited us to bring us to our knees

We have watched one council member and 3 or 4 other tribal members fight $90,000,000 in dirty money.  It’s time to decide whether the tribe is going to surrender or stand up and preserve our traditions.

Our surviving parents and grandparents are too old to fight this fight all over again.  We should  not lay down and let our destiny die.