Are you kidding ?

Mashpee–It’s hard to know where to start.

Okay let’s start with the fact that the Tribal Council has not met in 5 weeks.  You can look at it two ways.  It saved the tribe about $6,000, or it’s $6,000 the Council didn’t have to pay itself  to have closed executive sessions where they do for themselves instead of the members of the tribe.

And guess what? They don’t intend to meet until November 22.  Two months without meetings. A Constitutional violation of high order. They just keep racking up the violations, and believe it or not Cedric has about 2 supporters left.  We’ll tell you about them later.

Okay, how about they don’t want to have meetings because they fired Noni …they don’t want to answer any questions.  How about they don’t answer any questions anyway.

Or how about what does  it matter… when  for a tribe of 1700 legitimate members, the debt is so enormous that $6,000 is miniscule compared to the $25 million of debt to Genting, accrued over the last 2 years by the Cromwell administration. And Genting has walked away. Other than their salaries and about $8,000 a month to Gordon Harris to produce that propaganda rag called the Mittark filled with picture after picture of Cedric on glossy paper  “so Not Mashpee” written by a White PR person.  It is awful. It has nothing in it about our people. Just a whole bunch of made up cultural events that the true Elders know nothing about….because the current administration has to make up events to make them Mashpee.   The Mittark  does not uplift our members.  It is a misleading and disgraceful piece of propaganda designed to prop up and cover up  an administration that that cannot produce one shred of  evidence of progress or expenditure of the millions it has received and spent in our names. How about two months of garbage in the Mittark about the $12 million government building USDA grant , that the previous administration is responsible for.

Also, the very nice White man who is the contractor at the water treatment facility  on Meeting House Road, funded by the US Department of Energy for the tribe,  proudly admits that Mark Harding is the subcontractor on that contract thinking that’s a good thing.  Never mind that people are going to jail all over the country, because you cannot sit on a governing body and take federal revenues that benefit you, your family or your  company. Sigh…

How about the Council  should mandate that all workers are Native on the contract.  Novel idea eh?  Now it would have been automatic with the previous administration.

But then again, the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe is the employment agency for Wampworx don’t you know. Not  that the many men and women who need work and are fully qualified to work on projects for the tribe are actually encouraged to participate.  It is a disgrace.

Okay, what’s new you say. What is the state or the Federal government doing? Well, somethings going on because the money has dried up.  Genting is sending nothing to Mashpee and spending millions in New York and Florida.

Meanwhile people who have been hired are being fired because there is no cash flow.  Wow, what a surprise. So Winnie is out and so is Gail ( Hendricks) Hill is out . You best believe the kids are happy Gail Hill is gonezo.

Joanne Frye is supposedly being fired after years of   covering up the Cromwell (Tobey) nightmare and actually bringing them to power with the help of her sisters Ca and Yvonne. Joanne does have a conscience because her last stand was against the non-Mashpee in charge of programs impacting tribal members very intimately, and the non-Mashpee tribal  Tribal Administrator who is going along with the non-tribal member who is unable to serve the tribe or its children. Too  much talking, on sensitive information leaking out concerning tribal families.  There are no secrets in Mashpee. None. And lawsuits are eminent.

Mashpee know each other and handle things their way.

What the hell is Cedric doing in Mississippi with the Choctaw?  Begging for money? Who would loan us money to pay off 85 million that the Cromwell administration has racked up….especially when we have no way to pay it back.  No casino, no businesses. Outsiders run their mouths and cause problems. Joanne couldn’t take it.  Now that Noni’s gone.  She’s the last one left. Who would think it would have come to this.  Well it’s here.

Not a single officer is in the office to talk with tribal members. Course they don’t work, ever.  They’re trolling across the country spending what’s left of the Genting money, looking for revenues to keep the pay checks coming without LIT.

And we’re still waiting for Laura Tobey’s investigative report. Stop laughing.

Minnie Ah Hah will finish this investigation.