Are we having fun yet?

3 months to do the impossible

No we are not.  Can we just say that this is not a REPRIEVE granted by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.  It is in fact a death knell  for the Cedric Cromwell Administration payroll plan. The Taunton casino is dead because the Administration cannot complete the Land in Trust, and had no intentions of doings so.

Genting will stop paying in February, reportedly.

For us it is far worse.  It means we have to rebuild the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe.  It means we can no longer elect leaders who want the power and the title without the responsibility of  governance and accountability to the members. We have to have leaders who work well with others.  We need team players and team leaders.  No more go it alone, or “my way or the highway.”

Pulling this Tribe together will require the dependable leadership of men and women.  Our people have to feel comfortable with our next leader.   They have to know that he or she is actually listening to them and will actually take their concerns seriously. We are in a bad place right now. We can’t afford to put anyone in charge who is dishonest about what’s at stake.

Politics is not only local, it’s social.  You have to know and  like your leaders and feel confident  that they  have stood up for you you all along and will fight for you in the future.

And, there is no way we can get back on our feet without ever single family participating on every level.  Every single family…together. The Tribal members have to remember that they make that decision.