A missed opportunity….but revealing our sliding down the slippery slope

His “Hokaness” has decided to change the host of the Sunday  “Healing Fire.” To replace Messy Jessie with her cousin Guy Cash, the alleged Tribal  Medicine Man demonstrates the abject disregard for the well being of our people.  Clearly the administrative regime recognizes that it has a huge image problem but has botched efforts to win back the support of  tribal members.   This move only worsens their deteriorating status.

John Peters "Slow Turtle" was an internationally recognized Native American leader. According to the NYT, he is the initiator of ICWA and a fierce advocate for indigenous people and the Mashpee most of all. He was the Supreme Medicine Man of the Wampanoag Nation.

When Guy Cash replaced Medicine Man John Peters, that was insulting enough, but he has never been able to comfort or minister to suffering members.  It’s a full time job, and Cash has been absent.   His illness is one thing, and we understand.  But, he should have resigned.  The tribe paid thousands for Cash’s medical bills and other things.  He was paid to vote and was instrumental in Shovel Ready Ceddie coming to power and the ultimate degradation of nearly all of our most basic traditions.

We have many Elders who are shut in, others are sick.  Guy Cash is no where to be found. He can’t even show up for naming ceremonies so of course Messy inserts herself in place of ! We recently had a tribal member murdered in her home….Guy never went near the grieving family.  In an email he said he was ” too busy. ”

The “Healing Fire” is drawing controversy…and they continue to throw fuel on the fire.  Bring your own coffee and stuff like that he says ! Can ya spare it?  A few dollars out of that $100 million.  We can only hope the staff will be counseled to  stop taking food from the Pantry so the members without can benefit.

Guy Cash......

To bring back Billy James or John Peters is wishful thinking.  But this regime should at least pretend to emulate those who had our best interests at heart.