3’s the Charm

This makes the 3rd time the Council has failed to meet.  Last week it was due to a lack of a quorum…the week before who knows.Tonight they were supposed to discuss funding for the Juvenile Justice program by phone. They can’t explain what they did with the $280 k brought to the tribe for the program by the ” Previous Administration.”  It ain’t no way to run a government is it?

More troubling is the fact that recently hired Comptroller  Milton Pratt is reportedly leaving.  When asked by a Council member if he was quitting he said, ” No comment.”  You know what that means.

Another interesting indicator.   The Malaysians have  reduced the installments to $2.5m every 3 – 4 months and they want the Tribe to have a meeting with the Governor to clarify where he’s going with commercial gaming.  So why would the Governor meet with the tribe and why would he tell them what his plans are?  It’s a bad place to be.  No Elected official shows his hand in such a contentious issue.  Again we look like fools.

Let’s review where we are:

ICWA is in shambles

Housing Program also in shambles is under direction of a  HUD expert

No Reservation

No Land in Trust

Middleboro Resort Casino  (90% complete)   ditched for Fall River

Fall River Folly Commercial Casino publicly abandoned by the  Mayor

First Light Inc. financial statements binding Tribal Members to Malaysian debt remain secret

$25m in Malaysian loans secured in 17 months in the name of the 1700 legitimate Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal members has only the salaries of certain Council members and officers to show for expenditures.

No one has seen any records of any expenditures.

No  one knows anything accept that we are worse off than we were when the “Commission” was in charge of us.  Course only real Mashpee knows about that because it happened in the 1870’s when we became a town.  Just so you know, the Mills’s and Peters’s weren’t running things then.  And you better believe they wouldn’t have us in this mess if they were in charge now, and that’s a fact.