2013 Costume Ball huge success

The Mashpee Wampanoag Costume Ball was a remarkable success. The 4th of July heat wave did not stop loads of non Indians from appearing  dressed up like Indians and competing in our contests. Bunches of them. The Narragansett showed up to take the prize money .  You know them.The judges were all from other tribes.

Bermudans made prominent despite the fact that we had no connection to them

Most of our people stayed away or came to see if this Costume Ball was worse than last year and it was.   One   Elder walked around saying ” This is awful awful.”  But we have allowed it. We have allowed it for $58 m worth of Tobey Terror and guess what ?  Nobody feels sorry for us. If they can trick you…well…..

Twenty  or so of our people in Grand Entry…the children enjoying themselves and a ridiculous spectacle on the whole. The attendance was low because the price was too high for admission to an event with fake Indians participating in  the contests.

The fireball was a hot mess because Bruzzy was clueless. No explanation of  the game.Course he didn’t know where the hell he was! That was pretty outrageous.

Can’t wait to get that report explaining how they spent $120,000.  We could fund a Pantry for 120 weeks, but that’s too much like right ain’t it?

Oh to be a Mashpee Wampanoag…..so wonderful.