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Markie Markie Markie… You’re such a rascal !

The meeting with the town of Mashpee over the tax issue and the Community Building was like watching a used car salesman pitching a car that the buyer knows won’t make it off the lot.  Poor Cedric Cromwell was doing his blather about the economic impact in Mashpee and tribal sovereignty.  (sigh…) He wouldn’t look anyone  in the eye as he rattled on about sovereignty. Could that be why the tribe has  to pay the back taxes, and secure building permits from the town?No sovereignty? Ya think? Ah, no Land in Trust?

Ain't they cute?

Let’s t  go back to the beginning of the meeting. Remember  Cedric accused Chucky Green of  ” setting him up “? Well, it turns out that Chucky was trying to warn Cedric that Markie Harding was doing his thing by trying to cut all kinds of deals with the town. Behind his back of course.  Up to his old tricks he was.  He was offering land exchanges in lieu of the taxes and all kinds of crazy stuff. Course Grungy Boy still thinks Markie is his friend.  Grungy’s stupidity is exhausting ya know? It was a vintage Markie Move.

Worse than that was Markie’s contractor’s presentation to the town….a preliminary discussion about the building specs etc.  Whatever the town asked about easements and a multitude of  standard construction questions…the guy said “I don’t know,”  over and over again.  Mark loves to subcontract under front construction firms.  The tribal coffers continue to be his private ATM.  Ahemm…..

In His Own Words

Sometimes it is just as well not to point out a politician’s dishonesty in your words, but to let his own words and deeds denounce him.  In the months and days leading up to the 2009 election,  Cedric Cromwell and others disseminated brochures and flyers touting their accomplishments and laying out their programs to rescue the Tribe from the dreaded previous administration.  I have here dug up two of Cromwell’s propaganda pieces.  You can see them at the bottom of the page.

The first brochure, “Footprints,” is a smarmy collection of slogans and enumerated platitudes that may send you reaching for the bourbon just to erase the images from your mind.  Take the time, however, to peruse the bullet list at the very bottom of page two.  Be honest with yourself.  Do you really believe him on any of these points?  I near sprayed a mouthful of hot tea on my computer monitor when I read this.

His fifth bullet point claims “Lifetime Mashpee Wampanoag roots having been raised within the tribal community and culture.”  Oh really?  When?  Where?  I’m pretty sure that his only close relative in Mashpee was his great grandmother “Miss Etta” Tobey, and how old was he when she died?  Can  Cedric even show a snapshot or two at the old Tobey house on Main St., or at the pond, or buying candy at Theresa Johnson’s store just down the street?

Next I will direct you to the second brochure, called “Reflections.”  This is four pages of “more of the same,” yet we can harvest some good stuff from this.  Look on the third of four pages, at the bottom you will see two green rectangles containing some questions, which I suppose that Cedric wanted the reader to answer for himself.  Okay, do that.  Pay particular attention to “Process & Procedures.”    Freedom of  Information Act?  How’s that doing?  Next look at the “Financial Management” section.  Tell me, where are the 2009, 2010, and 2011 budgets?

How soon they forget, or at least hope that you forget.  These people ran on a platform of “transparency.”  Can you see through them?

Remember what you see here when at the next meeting.

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The Master of Misinformation

Cedric Cromwell was scurrying for the last two days doing damage control over the Land into Trust debacle.  Now, he told Taunton that he has ” reactivated the LIT process for Mashpee and East Taunton.”  Cause he got caught.  Can you imagine what the Taunton leadership thought as that horror story about the  Mashpee and Middleboro land mess played out on the news and in the papers?  And the stories about dishonest dealings with Middleboro. The pending lawsuits.  The phone calls about ” What the hell are you people doin’?”

Incompetence will kill the “Taunto itty bitty” casino. Very late,  disorganized and risky.

How do you prove that he reactivated the  LIT process?  How do we know if the BIA has accepted a letter saying Mashpee can start over again?  You just don’t know, because the BIA is not confirming anything.

You don’t expect the truth from Cedric do you?  Considering the fact that he failed to tell the tribe about the rejection of the LIT application on January 19.  He had no intention of doing anything until he got  busted on the 7th. Obviously Taunton officials are skeptical. They say they are ” cautiously optimistic” that “the tribe has a lot of work to do to bring this project to fruition,”  and ” our people have a lot of unanswered questions.”

It’s so bad the tribe is giving the town  hundreds of thousands of dollars  to pay consultants to assess the economic impact of  the casino and the kicker is paying for the special election.  The tribe paying for the Taunton election  is a red flag.  It’s a sign that the struggling community is unenthusiastic  at best.

Another greenhorn move is paying Cromwell regime flak Brooke Scanell $5o0k to do a  3 month media campaign in Taunton. That’s a lot of money to pay an inexperienced PR person to persuade Taunton to accept the deal. You could do a media  blitz in the entire state of  Massachusetts for 2 years and never spend $500k… the state is so small….let alone Taunton. Who on  Cedric’s team can double check how the money is being spent, and if they’re getting ripped off ?  You can imagine where that money is going.   Why isn’t Genting doing it? They have in – house experts that produce stuff all day long.

Cedric was circulating his emails and taking down posts on Facebook. Trying to push back.  He’s getting so much criticism that he took his personal Facebook down and put up a Public Figure page that has only 5 ” likes” where in his bio he takes credit for bringing down Glen Marshall.  And he’s  still exaggerating his education credentials. Take a look. It’s awful.  Wampaleaks researched his lineage, and his education, so he had to make changes.

But the most telling issue is the fact that Cedric and his team  have not even started the complicated LIT process that costs millions. Mashpee LIT  was done by the previous administration, but Taunton is not even started, because the Taunton casino is Cedric’s personal  commercial venture, so you don’t need LIT.  But, if Mashpee and Taunton are tied together there’s a problem.  But if  Taunton is incomplete,  it kills Mashpee. But we will never know what’s going on because the dishonesty is so pervasive.

And besides, applying for LIT is not like applying for a job at Burger King.  Someone needs to tell Ceddie.




  • The Town invited Chucky Green and Quan Tobey to sit in on discussions with Cedric Cromwell and Mark Harding (of all people) concerning the tax issue.  Apparently they needed witnesses. Cedric,

    Those wild and crazy guys in Taunton. Can't you feel the excitement?

    now in a complete state of paranoia, accused Green of “setting him up” and spreading rumors about the tax problem. It’s compounded by the Town’s knowledge that there’s no application for LIT pending anywhere in the UNIVERSE.

  • The Emergency Housing meeting was pretty frantic.  Aaron Tobey and his sidekick Carol Lopez were running the meeting trying to find a replacement for Michelle Tobey Fernandes.  Carol pushed her daughter Rita Lopez.  Right. Rita said no.  Carol implied she wanted the job.  She has wanted the job since her daughter Alice passed away last year. We know how absolutely out of the question that is! There has been no budget in place for Housing and only $500,000 remains of the millions in the fund after recognition and the $2m grant awarded in 2010.
  • Cedric Cromwell and his campaign team began phone banking the illegal aliens he, Aaron and Jessie Baird loaded  on to the rolls.  He has to coral his uninformed sheep into the Sunday meeting so he can tell them the Department of Interior is lying  about our dead LIT.  He will continue with claims that the DOI will sign off on this imaginary  casino money from his imaginary “Taunto Commercial Casino.” A certain Council member will have the letter from DOI telling the tribe that the application was rejected, since Cedric refuses to give it up. Just like he refuses to produce the voter sign in sheets that ushered this nightmare into our daily lives.

Emergency Housing Meeting Tonight

The Housing Committee is meeting at 6:30 tonight.  There are questions about who has access to the books in Housing.  It is rumored that some committee members have seen them, while others have not.  But most on the committee do not know what’s going on.  It was also said that a non tribal members who works for the tribe making 5 figures, was given mortgage money.  Listen, HUD does not play, and that agency loves to arrest people…ask the Narragansetts.

That department is plagued with fraud and treated like an ATM.  It all stems from the very top.  Why is the chairman and all of his crew continuing to take a salary,  for making us look like damned fools, and can’t pay the rent or the taxes to the town,  cause we have no Land in Trust, and ain’t applied to do so.

Good luck at the Meeting. Somebody has to stop the bleeding.


Skipping our way to the Silver City. Who’s that man behind the curtain?

Ah, the Wizard of Attleboro, and the prevaricator of prevaricators!  That same financial prestidigitator who wowed many of our fellow tribespeople with promises of restaurants and big ticket positions at the Wamp casino in Fall River, errr….., Bridgewater, ummmm…. Taunton, yeah, that’s the ticket.  Who is this wizard that I speak of?  Why it’s the very same one who:

  • Had little or no contact with his tribe until talk of a casino.  He became a Tribe member in 2006.
  • “Embellished” his educational record and later changed his online claims.
  • Lied about his employment status and position.
  • Promised “transparency” in his administration, yet submitted a budget only this year, in violation of the Tribe’s constitution, and because of pressure from Tribe members.
  • Lied about the status of our Land Into Trust application.

I’m sure you and I can list more violations of our trust, but we all know what the score is.  This “wizard” and his flying monkeys have soiled our precious community long enough.  Time for a change.  Are you hearing me?

Next:  Who is Dorothy?

Michelle Tobey Fernandes has been fired….it has not been fun.

Michelle Tobey Fernandes has been fired.  She should not have been hired in the first place. Who knows what she was doing over there. The department has been plagued with trouble for a long long time. We hear that Nashville is investigating….that trail will lead to Mark Harding no doubt.

Those problems cannot be covered up.  You see what happens when you throw back the covers of the Cromwell Administration. It’s not a pretty sight.

Tribal Housing Department shut down

Housing has been Cedric and crew's abused mistress

Cedric Cromwell demanded $100k from the Housing Department supposedly  to pay the rent  for the tribe on various properties .  The Housing Committee said no way.  He suspended them. He called the regional office and made the same demand. The Nashville office said no too.  Regional  also said the tribe needed to shut the office down until they figured out just what Michelle Tobey Fernandes was doing as the Interim Director of Housing….ahem.

The meltdown continues…permits, lack of permits, EIS documents  missing, 5 negative audits.  Turmoil.  Nothing like a well run government eh? You can pay your salaries but you can’t pay the rent  ? Interesting.

Calling Echo Hawk a liar….

The Department of Interior, that would be Larry Echo Hawk, the Secretary of the agency that has oversight of nearly 600 federally recognized tribes said the tribe ( Cedric Cromwell) was notified on January 19, 2012 that the land into trust application was “ incomplete, and no longer under consideration.”

Contrary to what Cedric Cromwell said in a statement, the LIT application, and the only one ever filed on behalf of the

Mashpee     Wampanoag Tribe is gonezo.  It is NOT “on hold.” It is dead because he never finished the paperwork and let it languish for 3 years.  Confirmation that he never cared about us having a reservation…anywhere. The Department of Interior, that would be Larry Echo Hawk, said there are no applications for LIT for any land parcels connected to the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe. Nor can we amend and refile and pick up where we left off.

It’s like this, you step out of line, you’re out of luck. Go to the back of the line.

Remember, Cedric said he was going to amend Fall River, Bridgewater,  ( some said even  Samuel G Davis School and South Cape Beach ) and most recently, in a tribal letter, Taunton. The DOI said there’s nothing there for us. Nothing has been filed. That’s part of  CeddieLou’s audacious, bodacious,  and obscene lies. In a memo to the Council he said the DOI email was not correct…basically, the Echo Hawk’s spokesperson was misinformed….lying.

Filing a land into trust application is a very complicated process. It took years of extraordinary research and collaboration with experts and the BIA  to do this.  And despite the fact the Mark Tilden and Lou Catirina have billed the tribe for hundreds of thousands of dollars for work on LIT…they never did a damned thing.
 Cedric has been consistent with 2 things.  Lying and incompetence.

At least now he doesn’t have to worry about the governor forcing him to sign our sovereignty away…the issue was never, ever on the radar.   They’re both off the hook. “Hoka Grungy Boy!”

Can Cedric ever tell the truth ?

No matter what the question, Cedric's answer is always FALSE.

No he cannot.  We had to get the Truth-O-Meter. Course the needle stayed  on false, largely because of  the recent letter to tribal members. The letter  is riddled with lies.  For the second time he’s told members that they will get money from the “Taunto ittty bitty ” commercial casino.  That’s not just a lie, it’s a bald faced lie, followed by a horrific lie.

The horrific lie, and a dangerous one we might add, is to say that the Department of Interior has to approve the the amount of money you’re supposed to get from the “Taunto itty bitty ”  commercial casino.  Of course it’s really dumb to misrepresent the government’s role in anything.  They don’t like that. At all.  But we all know Cedric is a habitual falsifier. He says the Council (ha ha) and the Department of Interior will ” approve the per capita distribution plans.  I guess Cedric has created a new role for the Department of Interior that they are not aware of. Interior frowns on commercial casinos because they are not designed to work to benefit   tribal memberships.  With commercial casinos, tribal members are not protected by the government from unscrupulous investors and their own government for that matter. Boy we’re the poster child for  that little clause. So how and why would the government approve of  “distribution plans” in a  process of which they disapprove?  That’s because Cedric knows there is no money coming for the tribal members and he will therefor blame it on the federal government. The DOI is not a good fall guy actually.  But that only works if  tribal members don’t know the truth….well now they do.

Cedric preys upon the minority of  so called illegal aliens in the tribe who do not know the process and only hear casino and think they’re going to get some money.  Real tribal members know what kind of casino delivers to the members. Sovereignty casino…with LIT ….we ain’t even close.

The other bodacious lie concerns ” amending the Land into Trust application.” You cannot ammend a land into trust application! And you will learn the gory details of that horrific screw up that has set us back 200 years.  Cedric, Aaron, Mark, Marie, Cheryl, Yvonne, and Trish all participated knowingly in the total destruction of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe.

They must resign while we have the chance to rebuild and restore what’s left of our tribe.